Monday, March 21, 2011

Platini's Paradoxical Words

Just when we thought FIFA and Blatter had made up their minds regarding the time of Qatar's 2022 World Cup, some other influential voices have recently come out with contradicting opinions. In true Platini fashion, UEFA (Europe's football association) President Michel Platini is shaking things up. Recently, Platini spoke about his wish for a pre-Christmas tournament in the gulf.

Platini's underwhelming and expected reasons are:

  • Soaring summer temperatures
  • No fan atmosphere
  • Must make the people happy!
At the conclusion of Platini's comments he backed FIFA's original decision in awarding Qatar. This could have something to do with the fact that he was involved in the voting process as well. Maybe not. But probably.
"Football belongs to everyone, football is universal," he said.
Platini's poetic statement is why I love the sport and there is truth in it, however, why did FIFA (and Mr. Platini) award the world cup to a nation that has laws openly discriminating against women, homosexuals, and non-Islamic religions?
The entire article is paradoxical in nature because FIFA could have taken all of these factors into account before electing Qatar in the first place. FIFA should have made the decision regarding when the tournament was to be played before the election. A pre-Christmas tournament should have already been a part of the package.

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