Friday, January 28, 2011

Bin Hamman Says What We're All Thinking

The Asian Football Confederation President Mohammed Bin Hamman has blamed FIFA President Sepp Blatter's age as the reason for the recent accusations of bribery towards Qatar's winning 2022 bid. Blatter has been in office for a whopping 35 years, and he is up for re-election in June. As we speak, no one is running against him. Bin Hamman has hinted at the possibility of running against the dated and aged Blatter, but would rather more vibrant and charismatic leaders compete for the post as he is 61.What's more perplexing about the article is that Bin Hamman is speaking publicly against the captain of the organization that granted a nation under his eye the highest honor of holding a World Cup. Qatar's bid committee must be feeling Hamman should have kept his thoughts inside.
Hamman also touched on the premature discussions about FIFA's plans to move the 2022 World Cup to January, allegations of FIFA executives Amos Adamu (Nigeria) and Reynald Temarii (Tahiti) of taking bribes and trading votes, and the implementation of goal-line technology for the 2014 World Cup.Who should run against Blatter for the post in June? Is Mr. Hamman crazy or brave to be bringing discussion of Blatter's age to the public?

Please accept this as an invitation to respond, and to do so passionately.

Finally, I came across this sentence on ESPNsoccernet's World Cup 2022 page oozing with suspicion and anticipation.THE QUALIFICATION PROCESS FOR THE 2022 WORLD CUP HAS NOT YET BEEN ANNOUNCED.

(Clockwise from bottom right: the man I feel would make a good replacement as FIFA president, Amos Adamu, Sepp Blatter, and Reynald Temarii, Middle: Mohammed Bin Hamman)

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