Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter World Cup Adds Salt To The Wound

Sepp Blatter has come out and explained the rationale behind the push to host the 2022 World Cup in the months of January and February. Players would be protected as the conditions would be far more playable than in the months of June and July—when the tournament is traditionally held.
The 2011 Asian Cup is being played out this month, and the conditions have been more than desirable for playing the beautiful game. However, the World Cup involves far more parties than the regional AFC tournament.
Two points from CNN World Sport's media reaction stand out to me:

- Mr. Rynecki's comments point to the biggest issue—scheduling. He also is quite right in asserting FIFA acting like an owner giving way too many treats to his/her dog.
- 79% of World Sport readers believe FIFA made the wrong call in electing Qatar as hosts

I understand Mr. Ozalp's comment all too well. I enjoy the sport way too much to boycott watching FIFA tournaments, but for now, the conversation has plenty of maturing and consideration still to come.

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